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Understanding Maid Insurance

What is Maid insurance?

Personal accident insurance, specifically for domestic helpers


Who is it for?

People who have domestic helpers, and/or whose policies are up for renewal


Why it is important

  • Maid insurance is a regulatory requirement
  • Domestic helpers are increasingly costly to hire. To prevent more amounts incurred from unforeseen circumstances, it is important to ensure they have sufficient coverage.


Where it is useful

  • Letter of Guarantee to Ministry of Manpower, Singapore (a necessary requirement)
  • Personal Accident - Death, Permanent Disablement, Medical Expenses
  • Hospital and Surgical Expenses
  • Recuperation Expenses
  • Wages and Levy Reimbursement
  • Re-hiring Expenses
  • Special Grants
  • Maid's Personal Belongings
  • Employer's Liability to Insured Maid
  • Liability to Third Party


When do you buy it?

  • Before the expiry of current policy - at least one week before, or
  • Upon receiving notification letter from the government about upcoming renewal


What are the available types

  • 14 months
  • If the renewal of contract is on a yearly basis


  • 26 months
  • More affordable than the 14 months' policy,
  • Suitable for contract renewals of 2-years and more




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